Diagnostic adapter Volvo Vocom 2 Mini 88894200


The VOCOM II communication box is the latest diagnostic hardware tool developed by the Volvo Group truck, bus, engine and machine service company.

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Diagnostic kit Volvo Vocom 2 Mini

The original Vocom 2 Mini (Volvo Vocom II (Wi-Fi) 88894200) and PTT 2.8.70 installed on a laptop are also available in Impact 2021 and Prosis 2021.

That is, with this device, you test Volvo heavy equipment, earthmoving equipment, etc., Renault and Mack are also supported.

Several sets are ready with different laptop/tablet options.

Main functions:

reading and interpretation of diagnostic trouble codes DTC;
checking engine parameters in real time;
sensor calibration;
verification of executive mechanisms;
parameterization, programming, adaptation of electronic control units.