Volvo Penta Vodia dealer program


Volvo Penta Vodia


Penta vodia 5.2.50 most advanced version

Type: Diagnostic Software

Supported brands: Volvo, Yamaha, Penta Languages: English

Operating System: Supports Windows 7, 8, 10 Features:

Installed on only one laptop (PC);

Installation takes place Online via Teamviewer or in the office.

Works with Volvo Vocom and Volvo Vocom II scanners.

Diagnoses and repairs VOLVO marine engines. Troubleshooting occurs thanks to the adapter with the Penta vodia 5 program installed, filled with dealer repair data, an original scanner is required.

The VOLVO PENTA VODIA autoscanner can give you a dealer level of engine diagnostics, service and repair.

All Verison models (2,3,4) are supported.

Calibration and programming functions.

ECU work.


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