Volvo Premium Tech Tool Dealer Program


Tech Tool 2.7.60 Volvo Premium is designed for diagnosing Volvo trucks or buses, specialized vehicles Construction Volvo, Penta Volvo, UD Trucks, Mack Trucks, Renault Trucks.


It is available for vehicles that have the EURO 6 standard and the installation takes place via a personal computer.

The operating system recommended is Windows 7.

PTT comes with a Chassis ID fixer kit for transporting electrical systems (versions 3, 4). It is necessary for smooth operation in the auto scanning of the vehicle.


  • Automatically determines vehicles;
  • Managed diagnostics;
  • Tests available;
  • Parameterization and calibration of systems: air suspension, clutch and all electronic control units;
  • Programming.

Developer level diagnostics.

Works with Volvo Vocom and Volvo Vocom II scanners.

Vehicle database: APCI+ (-M) 7/2/2017.

  • APCI(-A)
  • API (-M)
  • API+ 4.1.0 (-A)
  • API+ (-M)
  • GX Application
  • GX Content
  • GX Content Texts
  • Tech Tool Branding
  • Tech Tool Core
  • Tech Tool Development Content
  • Tech Tool Help
  • Tech Tool Normal Content
  • Pro VCADS
  • Pro Development Content VCADS
  • Pro Normal Content VCADS
  • Pro Toolbox


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