Volvo Prosis Dealer Program

We provide a service for installing Volvo PROSIS software.



This program contains a catalog of spare parts, repair instructions, and also the operation of hydraulic systems, electronics for all types of Volvo vehicles that are used for agricultural and construction purposes. Here you can find all the information related to loaders, excavators, dump trucks, graders, tractors and other special equipment.

The program differs from other software in its informativeness and user-friendliness of the interface, and it even has language localization in Russian.

In terms of serviced parts, there are drive axle data, hydraulic transmission, engine data, and connectors, cables, manual transmission, TWIN, power train and automatic lubrication system can also be accessed.

The software not only has a spare parts catalog, but also has car cards, an OEM passport, a hose passport.

Maintenance data is presented by the service and repair bulletin, specifics, schedules, descriptions, operating manual, instructions for setting up transport cards.

All information is displayed with many images and lists of spare parts, for the specific unit of equipment that you need. When you click on a number in the catalog of orders and select a position, it immediately enters the list of orders. This list can be saved as a file – in the future it can be copied and sent to e-mail, or printed.

Works thanks to the Volvo Vocom II scanner.

Features of this software:

Purpose of the program – directory
Program interface languages: Russian and English
Requires hard disk space – 22 GB
Requires 4 GB of RAM
Works with operating systems – Windows 7, 10 with 32bit and 64bit
Processor requirements – Intel Core i3 or higher