Volvo Vocom II Dealer Scanner


Diagnostic equipment volvo vocom 2 is designed to diagnose trucks of the following brands: Volvo (models from 1992 to present are supported). Mac. Renault. Diagnostics of trucks after 2005 is possible. and BC


Volvo vocom 2 88894000 dealer diagnostic scanner for Volvo and Renault

VOCOM II 88894000 VOLVO is a diagnostic tool, it will replace its predecessor VOLVO VOCOM 88890300 original which has been discontinued.

Differences of the Volvo interface Vocom autoscanner:

More durable cable and all connectors;
Increased strength of the case, which will protect against falls of more than 2 m and there is moisture protection;
Improved LED indication;
Increased scanning and programming speed via CAN bus.

Tech Tool (TT) is a tool that supports the repair and diagnostic process. It was designed to simplify and increase the efficiency of repair work. The TT can be used in the repair shop, in the field, on the roadside or during test drives. TT is a diagnostic app that covers the entire repair process with plugins. With TT you can diagnose, test, calibrate and program the product. The product can be a vehicle, an engine or a machine. TT also provides functions for tool update, product communication, and other external applications. The set of plug-ins, user authorizations and available languages ​​is customizable to give each user what they need.

The basic workflow in Tech Tool is the same for all products:

• Define the product.
• View history information.
• Carry out diagnostics of the selected product.
• Test your chosen product.
• Program the selected product.
• Calibrate the selected product.


Scanner Volvo Vocom 2 (88894000);
USB cable (88890305);
16 pin cable (88890304);

Developer Tool – used on trucks version 2, 3, 4.

Designed to diagnose at the dealer level for trucks and special equipment. The equipment has been improved, now the processing speed is much higher.

This is a high-tech scanning device, like a dealer device, it can flash and calibrate blocks.

Work is carried out on the following systems:

motor control;
engine braking – Retarder;
climate in the cabin;
door control;
central computer and more.

Additionally, it is possible to buy and install additional programs:

Volvo Impact;
Volvo Penta Vodia;
Volvo Prosis;
Volvo matris;
Volvo Premium Tech Tool
Renault-Volvo Optifuel Infomax

The user manual can be downloaded free of charge in PDF format.

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