Volvo Impact Dealer Program

Volvo Impact (Bus & Lorry) – parts for Volvo trucks and buses for the European market, repair manuals for trucks and buses, diagnostics, wiring diagrams, hydraulic diagrams, standard hours.


The Volvo Impact catalog has all the necessary information on service, repair, diagnostics, use, as well as electrical and hydraulic diagrams, technical specifications and characteristics, (standard hours) the amount of time spent on technical and operational procedures and of course there is a VOLVO spare parts catalog in electronic form.

Volvo Impact (Bus & Lorry) – the set consists of 8 DVD-DL discs and installation takes place on a hard drive.
This program supports a small number of languages, but fortunately there is Russian localization, which gives a convenient use of the interface.

Volvo Impact is a dealer base for the repair and maintenance of Volvo trucks and buses (Lorry & Bus) it is represented by: a spare parts catalog for Volvo trucks, a manual for operation, diagnostics, maintenance, electrical diagrams, according to any specification, decoding of troubleshooting codes, service bulletins, standard hours.

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