Rapido DAF Dealer Program

The Daf spare parts catalog for DAF trucks and DAF buses (DAF RAPIDO) contains complete information on all DAF truck series, starting from the 90s, as well as information on the axles and suspension of trailers
(BPW, ROR, SAF, Trailor, Fruehauf).

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The state-owned company DAF-TRUCKS N.V.” it is one of the 7 largest in continental Europe. It is engaged in the production of its own cabs, engines and axles, and also specializes in the production of heavy and medium-class trucks.

The DAF catalog contains data on accessories and retrofits, as well as technical bulletins from DAF-TRUCK N.V. (for example, a bulletin on how to replace the rear axle hubs) and step-by-step instructions for installing additional equipment (for example, instructions for installing an electric heater for a 95XF motor), and a catalog of semi-trailer axle and suspension parts.

The catalog for DAF has a complete VIN decoding, search for VIN, engine numbers, models, part numbers or names.

Daf Rapido offers in addition a very useful, but rather extremely rare in the functionality of programs, this is a comparison of part numbers (original) of two different chassis numbers and translation of the O.E.M. manufacturer (working for DAF) in the original number.

Catalog Daf Rapido, presents spare parts for buses and trucks DAF.

The spare parts catalog for DAF Rapido is presented on 1DVD DL and contains absolutely complete information on spare parts and accessories for DAF vehicles of any series, even from the 70s, axle data, trailer and suspension equipment (ROR, Trailor, York, GIGANT, BPW, SAF, Fruehauf, SAE).

In addition to everything listed in this catalog, all restrictions have been completely removed (any number of cars and VIN numbers can be considered at the same time). This is the difference from the versions that are sold in all markets.

Works thanks to the DAF VCI 560 scanner.