Mercedes-Benz Fdok Dealer Program Calculator XS MP4 EURO6 2019


Thanks to this utility with access level (dealer), you will be able to decrypt the FDOK number to diagnose each parameter in the DAS and MR access passwords. Supports the new XS algorithm for Euro 6.


The program is installed through the Teamviewer application on a personal computer.

This software makes it possible to disable the AdBlue system for trucks, safely with the updated version of Xentry/DAS 2015-2019.

Works with Xentry Diagnosis VCI and Star Diagnosis SD scanners.


FDOK code detection:

XN – repair of faulty codes related to exhaust emissions in the exhaust gas SCR aftertreatment system;
XT – changes torque according to NOx;
XS – this algorithm supports new cars with Euro 6 standard.
After turning off ADBlue, you need to block the origin of fault codes for subsequent management models:
XENTRY NOx Tourque Limitation – Torque limiter;
SCR fault codes – system for erasing error codes;
Software deactivates ADBlue
The XN calculator finds SCR problem codes that are generated when urea injection systems are repaired or shut down. The deletion of the code is carried out with the help of Das service software.
The XT calculator changes the torque limiter, its values. Programmatically, you can change the NOx threshold, or even turn it on. This function is located in the Das program.


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