Limp Off VOLVO/Renault Euro6



Emergency module ACM VOLVO/Renault Euro 6

Created for

VOLVO series FH, FL, FM 4 Euro 6
Renault series T, K, C, D Euro 6

Suitable for cars with automatic and manual transmission without retarder (hydraulic

Replaces the following SYSTEM COMPONENTS:

NOx sensors
ACM module
Ab Blue pump
Diesel particulate filter (PDF) and catalytic converter temperature sensors
particulate filter differential pressure sensor (PDF)
Thermal elements
AbBlue tank sensor
FW, SW, HW, VIN numbers

Connection type – In standard connector

The driver can install the module himself. To do this, disconnect the standard connector from the ACM module located in the frame and connect the module.

Additional information

Euro 4, 5, 6


Stamps AdBlue