CANPass 1.5 DAF 106 EAS3 Euro 6



Specially developed emulator for DAF 106 EAS3 Euro 6 vehicles.

Created for:
DAF: XF/CF 106 EAS3 Euro 6

The device is made of high quality components.

The emulator replaces SUCH SYSTEMS AS:

Adblue pump
NOx sensor
Pressure sensor
AdBlue liquid level sensor

BENEFITS of using ADBLUE emulator:

The AdBlue emulator is a device designed to override control of the original onboard SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system. Such a device, installed on compatible vehicles, takes control of the entire SCR system, simulating its function. During installation, it keeps the SCR system inactive and at the same time sends the necessary data to the central engine control unit.
There are no errors in the OBD (on-board diagnostics) system because the AdBlue emulator stimulates all parameters and data.
No loss of engine power, no increased emissions from the exhaust system, no DTC errors. Diesel engine exhaust fluid is not consumed.
The device is easy to install and remove at any time convenient for you. It does not interfere with the operation of the vehicle’s electronic system.

The device after installation does not require error reset using diagnostic equipment.

The kit includes:

CANPass 1.5 emulator DAF 106 EAS3 Euro 6


Additional information

Euro 4, 5, 6


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