Emulator adblue SCANIA (R 730), EURO5\6 (BlueTek)



Adblue adblue emulator for SCANIA (R 730), EURO5\6.

Emulates two Nox sensors!

Guaranteed result!

NOX emulator is an emulator of the electronic controller and NOx sensor of the catalytic system of trucks that use diesel exhaust fluid (urea) for exhaust gas treatment (trucks that comply with environmental standards EURO 4/5 and in some cases EURO 6). The NOX emulator can be mounted on serviceable and faulty catalytic systems, the device in any case fully emulates the urea (diesel exhaust fluid) supply system and the NOx sensor.

The NOX emulator is very easy to install on the truck, it is safe for the other electronic systems of the truck (the engine will run normally without power loss, the emulator will automatically clear all diagnostic system errors even if the original catalytic system is removed).

Features of the NOX emulator

– Emulates SCR system (Adblue-urea liquid level)

– Emulates NOx sensor

– Emulates exhaust system temperature sensor

– Does not interfere with the operation of the engine and does not cause loss of engine power

– Does not cause errors in the diagnostic system of the truck

– Can be turned off at any time

– After the filter has burned out, the DPF continues to function normally

– Very easy to install and use

– Saves you money and time

Additional information

Euro 4, 5, 6


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