Dual BananaJapana Mitsubishi FUSO Euro 5



Dual BananaJapana Mitsubishi FUSO Euro 5 Special version of 2CAN BananaJapana emulator.

Designed for: Mitsubishi FUSO: Fighter Euro 4/5

The decoy emulator is designed to remove a faulty urea injection system and NOx sensor. It is set if the components of the urea injection system are faulty, you do not want to use urea or the NOx sensor is faulty.

This emulator does not require a working Adblue (urea) system on the car and completely replaces it. You don’t need to clear errors. After installing the emulator, you will not see “Check Engine” errors related to the Adblue system in the car’s diagnostic system.

Additional information

Euro 4, 5, 6


Stamps AdBlue