Retarder emulator est 52-54 DAF, MAN, IVECO (Euro 5, Euro 6)



Modulator-retarder / Intarder Professional est 52 54 MAN DAF IVECO
Producer CF
Model AD077
FV 23%

If you’re having trouble with your EST 52 or 54 retider/intarder and don’t want to spend 7000 on a stimulator (because you have no guarantee how long it will last…) or 15000 on a new one, my emulator is the solution for you. .

After all, the mountain brake was an additional option to support the stopping power of the trucks, and in addition to this, each truck is equipped as standard with efficient factory-made air brakes…

An emulator is a device that, when connected to a truck that had a damaged EST 52 or 54 retarder or intarder installed, will cause all retrader / intarder related errors and all vehicle systems will work correctly.

The gearbox will operate normally – smoothly – even in automatic mode.

The emulator is my product manufactured under my CF brand, which is a registered trademark in the European Union. Only my emulator works as a real working retarder/intarder for other devices – drivers, i.e. collects data (parameters, sensor values, etc.) also from other modules, and then analyzes and processes the received data, and then sends it to the truck communication network continuously and in a timely manner as requested by the requesting modules.

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Euro 4, 5, 6