Benefits of AdBlue DAF Euro 6;

– Prevents breakdown of the Adblue system in the car.
– No Adblue fluid required.
– There are no messages about the failure of the Adblue system.
– Prevents loss of engine power

Case EURO 6 AdBlue emulators disable the following systems:
– AdxBlue system (completely)
– NOX sensor AdxBlue
– DPF system
– DPF temperature sensors
– DPF regeneration

Compatible with the following models:

– Daf XF 106

– Daf CF Euro 6

– DAF XF Euro6

– DAF CF Euro6

– DAF LF Euro6

The highest quality of the components used

Each device after receipt to the customer passes quality control and tests.

The NOx emulator completely replaces damaged NOx sensors in the car (before and after the catalytic converter) – the rest of the AdBlue system continues to work normally

Advantages of the NOx emulator:

No need to replace expensive NOx sensors
The NOx emulator only replaces the NOx sensors – the rest of the AdBlue system continues to function normally. Only the values ​​of a healthy NOx sensor are programmed in the AdBlue emulator.
Vehicle does not go into power limit mode due to failure of nitric oxide sensors
No constant interference with the car’s electronics
After installing the emulator, the SCR system can be fully diagnosed using the diagnostic tester.
The device works fine when our catalyst is damaged – it can be clogged, drilled – Thanks to the emulator, there will be no errors in the high level of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust system

After the purchase, we provide customers with assembly instructions, and our technicians are available by phone in case of any problems.

If you are looking for a model that is not listed here or in any other listing in this store, please contact us directly at 0956790000 with your model number. Let’s check for compatibility.

We provide a 1 year WARRANTY.

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