Emulator adblue Volvo FH4/FM4 (2 Nox), EURO 5\6 (BlueTec)



AdBlue 6 emulator – Allows you to save money on the maintenance and repair of SCR systems and their components.
Eliminates the problem when a loaded car cannot drive uphill, because the engine power suddenly drops to 60%, the speed does not rise above 1600 rpm, and fuel consumption rises 1.5-2 times due to the lack of AdBlue fluid in the tank or any breakdown of the SCR system.
The Adblue emulator simulates the operation of all components of the SCR system:

• AdBlue pump
• temperature sensor
• NOx sensor (1 or 2 pieces)
• AdBlue liquid level sensor
• pressure sensor

The price includes only the emulator. To use it, you also need to purchase firmware, depending on the manufacturer of the vehicle.

The NOx emulator replaces completely damaged 2 NOx sensors in the car (before the catalytic converter and behind the catalytic converter) – the rest of the AdBlue system continues to work normally

We replace the emulator instead of the standard NOX sensor

Advantages of the NOx emulator:

No need to replace expensive NOx sensor
The NOx emulator only replaces the NOx sensor – the rest of the AdBlue system continues to function normally. Only the values ​​of a healthy NOx sensor are programmed in the AdBlue emulator.
Vehicle does not go into power limit mode due to a failed nitric oxide sensor
Without constant intervention in the car’s electronics
After installing the Emulator, the SCR system is fully diagnosed by the diagnostic tester.
The device works fine when our catalyst is damaged – it can be clogged, drilled – Thanks to the emulator, there will be no errors in the high level of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust system

Additional information

Euro 4, 5, 6