Auto Pass/ Banana Japana RuTruck Euro 4/5



AutoPass/BananaJapana RuTruck Euro 4/5

КАМАЗ (engine 740)/МАЗ (ЯМЗ)/УРАЛ

AutoPass/BananaJapana RuTruck Euro 4/5 Специальная версия эмулятора для автомобилей КамАЗ/УРАЛ/МАЗ с отечественной системой нейтрализации и с системой нейтрализации Dinex/Emitec/Grundfos

Предназначен для:

КамАЗ engine КамАЗ 740 Euro 4/5
УРАЛ engine ЯМЗ Euro 4/5
МАЗ engine ЯМЗ Euro 4/5

This SCR/NOx emergency redundancy module will allow you to get to the repair site or not to repair a complex and expensive neutralization system at all.

Even the driver can install the module himself. To do this, connect the module to the OBDII diagnostic socket. Remove the SCR and NOx sensor fuses located in the passenger compartment fuse box.

No need to cut anything!!! And this means that the car remains under warranty!
The module is just as easy to disassemble! And it can be used on another machine too!

1 year warranty on industrial components, as well as high-quality factory assembly.

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Euro 4, 5, 6




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