DUALPass MAN Euro 6


  • Professional AdBlue emulator for DUALPass MAN Euro 6 trucks
    The device uses the highest quality components.
    Each device before getting to the buyer passes quality control and tests.
    The device works with both manual and automatic transmissions.


The first generation of DualPass emulators for MAN vehicles of the TGL Euro 6, TGM Euro 6, TGS Euro 6 and TGX Euro 6 series received an indication of operating modes, as well as functions for working with a diagnostic scanner. This allows the emulator to go unnoticed even when dealer equipment is connected. It is possible to use our emulator also on new cars without compromising the warranty.

Complete simulation of a working mechanical urea injection system
Simulation of 2 NOx sensors
Imitation diesel particulate filter DPF
Simulation of a urea quality sensor
Updated software
New circuitry
Low power consumption
Working with a diagnostic scanner
Auto power off function

The AdBlue emulator completely replaces in the truck SCR system:

NOx sensor
Clogged filters
Temperature sensors
AdBlue tank level sensor

Benefits of the AdBlue emulator:

No need to top up AdBlue fluid
In the event of failure of any of the AdBlue modules, there is no need to repair or replace expensive components, since the Emulator completely replaces them.
The truck does not reach the 20 km/h speed limit due to a malfunction.
No permanent interference in vehicle electronics
No constant interference in the car’s electronics.
After installing the emulator, the truck can be fully diagnosed using the diagnostic tool.
The emulator can be turned off or unmounted at any time.
After burning, the DPF filter works fine
Supply voltage … 8 — 36_V
Current consumption … <15 mA
Operating temperature range -40 +85 С
Dimensions …. 70x50x22mm
Cable length … 300 mm
Cable length CAN2 bus … 2500 mm
Weight … 40 g

Additional information

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