Universal Emulator Banana Japana V3.2.


GAGPASS/Banana Japan V3.2

Analogue of Auto PASS V2. No programming required, fully automatic emulator. Just connect it to the car’s CAN bus and it will automatically detect the engine model and start working immediately. Fully simulates AdBlue dosing system and NOx sensor


Supply voltage: 8 – 35 V
Current consumption: < 10 mA
Operating temperature range: -40 … +85 °С
Dimensions: 65×40x12mm
Cable length: 300 mm
Weight: 15 g

Differences from Auto PASS V2 are only in simplified circuitry and, of course, a more pleasant price. The current consumption is only 10 mA in operating mode.
This allows you to connect it to the 30 terminal of the car (permanent plus from the battery).

Universal emulator Banana Japana V3.2.
Universal emulator Adblue Banana Japana V3.2. for Mercedes, MAN, Scania, Iveco, DAF, Volvo, Renault, Ford, Cummins, MAZ

This is a universal adblue emulator, does not require any software

Car list: Mercedes, MAN, Scania, Iveco, DAF, Volvo, Renault, Cummins, Ford have recently added trucks, buses and other heavy support vehicles for Ford with EURO 4 and 5 exhaust emission standards

The Truck AdBlue Emulator Box bypasses the working Adblue system electronic module on the vehicle.
The AdBlue emulator box is very easy to install on any AdBlue equipped truck or bus and will instantly override the AdBlue system,
by stopping the use of AdBlue fluid. The AdBlue Emulator Unit gently shuts off the AdBlue system electronics so there will be no loss of engine power or
any warnings on the dashboard and in the diagnostic system.

Coverage map
DAF XF105, CF65/75/85 – Paccar engine
MAN truck TGM, TGX, TGS – MAN D20/26/28 engine
MAN bus Lion’s city – MAN engine
Neoplan – MAN engine
SCANIA P-, R-, G-series – Scania engine
FORD Cargo – Cursor/Ford engine
IVECO Truck Daily, Astra, EuroCargo, Stralis, Trakker – Cursor engine
RENAULT Midlum, Premium, Magnum, Kerax (until 2014) – DXI engine
VOLVO FL, FM, FH, FE (until 2014) – DXI engine
MAZ – with BOSCH AdBlue dosing module

Additional information

Euro 4, 5, 6