AdBlue Emulator Mercedes MP4 (EURO5)



CAN SCR shutdown module on Mercedes MP4 (EURO5).

This emulator allows you to exclude the ACM unit and all components related to the catalyst from operation.

Diagnostic equipment is required for operation. When working with a faulty machine, errors can only be removed with a dealer device. To work, you need a mercedes dealer scanner and an Fdoc calculator.

Installation instructions and technical support included!

Our electrician can install a turnkey emulator within Kyiv.

Mercedes-Benz Adblue Removal Kit Almost all Mercedes heavy vehicles that are produced with modern technology using Euro 6 engine and AdBlue system. Mercedes AdBlue Removal Kit is used for Mercedes vehicles to remove AdBlue. AdBlue is stored in another fuel storage in the vehicle and is not mixed with other fuels. When the AdBlue fluid starts to decrease, the fault in the car is visible in the instrument cluster. When the level gets low, the vehicle’s traction drops and it starts to burn more diesel fuel. If the AdBlue SCR system fails, you will lose time to repair it and this will incur additional costs. Brand Mercedes; Mercedes AdBlue remove kit is used to avoid these problems in trucks, tractors and buses. This disables the AdBlue system. This kit, which disables the system, keeps the AdBlue level at 80 percent. In addition, the display system works well. At this stage, the performance of the car will not decrease and you will not have to buy AdBlue fuel. You can disable the AdBlue (SCR) system in your car with the Mercedes Euro6 AdBlue removal kit, which is designed to cancel the Adblue system. With this kit you can save up to 100% on AdBlue fuel and the price is also very affordable. You will no longer need to buy AdBlue fuel after installing the product. The AdBlue removal kit does not harm your car. Mercedes Euro6 adblue removal kit will disable the following systems; AdBlue system (SCR) AdBlue Nox sensor DPF (diesel particulate filter) DPF system (diesel particulate filter) temperature sensors DPF (diesel particulate filter) regeneration

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Euro 4, 5, 6

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