ADBLUE EURO 6 MAN emulator (MAN TGX/TGS EURO6 with D20/26 engine)



MAN TGX/TGS EURO6 with D20/26 engine is an extremely complex vehicle, therefore, before starting work, it is strongly recommended to carry out diagnostics using the MANCats3 diagnostic complex.

It is most convenient to mount the CAN module (emulator) on the connector of the Adblue Supply Module (A808). That is why the CAN module is in a sealed design that has already been tested by time. Also, before starting work, you need to pay attention to the Adblue pump module. Typically, within 15 minutes of shutting down the engine, purge of the system begins. In the section from the pump to the nozzle, the Adblue liquid merges into the muffler, from the pump to the tank – back into the tank. Thus the system is emptied. Therefore, if you want to keep the SCR system in good condition, it is highly recommended to wait for the pump to run out.

MAN TGX TGS EURO 6 AdBlue Emulator

The highest quality of the components used
Each device, after it reaches the client, is subjected to quality control and testing.
The Adblue system in the car may be serviceable or completely damaged.
The device works with automatic and manual transmission.
The AdBlue emulator completely replaces the SCR system in the car:

– pump
– NOx sensor
– heaters
– clogged filters
– injector
– wires
– AdBlue level sensor in the tank

Advantages of Adblue Emulator:

– No need to refuel
– In case of failure of any of the AdBlue system modules, there is no need to repair or replace expensive components, as the emulator replaces them completely
– the car does not go into speed limit mode to 20 km / h due to a malfunction
– No constant interference with car electronics
– after installing the emulator, the car is fully diagnosed using a diagnostic tester
– The emulator can be disabled or removed at any time
– Afterburning of the DPF filter works fine

The device is waterproof
The device is mounted on factory connectors
Device Black
We provide 2 years warranty

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