Limp Off Euro 4/5/EEV


Innovative Sniffer module for Volvo/Renault Euro 4/5/EEV vehicles


As you know, the resource of the catalyst of a modern exhaust gas neutralization system is 7-10 years or 1,000,000 kilometers. The efficiency of the system is reduced, even despite the increase in urea consumption. The NOx sensor is also a weak point due to operation at high temperatures. Thus, the engine goes into emergency power reduction mode and the ECU generates an error on exceeding NOx.

The Sniffer emergency module will allow you to remove the engine from the restriction mode, keep all components and assemblies of the neutralization system in good condition and get to the place of repair (replacement of the catalyst or NOx sensor).

Even the driver can install the module himself, because it is connected instead of the original NOx sensor. You don’t need to cut anything! So the car is still under warranty! The module is dismantled just as easily! And it can be used on another car too!

Sniffer also allows you to use distilled water instead of urea in the summer and save up to 30% of the original liquid.

This emergency module can be used as an alternative spare part.

In some cases, after installing the Sniffer, it may be necessary to clear the fault memory of the engine ECU. To do this, you must use a diagnostic scanner or an OBD II Tool from Limpoff.

In some countries, interference with the neutralization system is illegal.

The waterproof case and industrial components, as well as high-quality factory assembly, provide a 3-year warranty.

Made in Russia

Each module is tested for operability immediately before being sent to the buyer.

For car brands:

All Volvo / Renault Euro 4/5/EEV with 9-16 L engines (750 hp)
FH (400, 440, 480, 500 and up)
Renault DXi (430, 450, 520 and above)
Renault Magnum/Premium/Midlum
Volvo buses

Suitable for cars with automatic and manual transmission

Replaces the following system components:

NOx sensor

Additional information

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