LimpOff Scania 6 Series NTG Euro 6



Emergency module EEC Scania 6 series NTG Euro 6\
Allows the car to exit the power limit, speed limit mode and remove errors.

Created for:
Scania 6 gen. NTG: R/P/T/G/K Series Euro 6, SCANIA 5/6 gen. 6 euros;

LimpOff SCANIA 5/6 gen. Euro 6
LimpOff SCANIA 5/6 gen. The Euro-6 emergency backup kit will allow you to easily operate an excavator or loader far from civilization, or not to repair a complex and expensive neutralization system at all.

Professional AdBlue emulator for Scania Euro 6 trucks

The most important features:

Emulation of the entire AdBlue system
Fully waterproof
Very small device (can fit in a wiring harness)
Made from industrial components

Emulated components of the AdBlue system:

Pump with pressure sensor
Inlet NOx sensor
temperature sensor
AdBlue level and temperature sensor

Included in delivery:
– Emergency DCU module;

The waterproof case and industrial components, as well as the quality factory assembly, are backed by a 1-year warranty.

Additional information

Euro 4, 5, 6


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