Iveco AlphaNumeric Code Calculator v0.1 is an ALPHA CODE decoder depending on the specified transport settings. Works together with the Iveco Easy software and the Iveco Easy diagnostic equipment, with which it is possible to read the original ALPHA code and add a new one, thanks to which the current car settings can be changed.


ALPHA CODE is a code in which the current car setting has already been encrypted. Shown, as needed, on the label, which is located either on the EDC block or near the on-board computer. In addition, this CODE can be scanned thanks to the Iveco Easy interface and the same Iveco Easy program.

List of replaceable programs (depending on the control unit):

EDC MS 6.2 (control unit):

  • Speed ​​Limiter – speed limiter calibration
  • Immobilizer – (on / off) Immobilizer
  • Turbine Sensor – frequency sensor of rotation of the turbine wheel (replacement of the sensor type)
  • Turbine – Manufacturer and type of inline turbocharger (HY\HX – Holset, KKK (3K) – Borg Warner, Westinghouse)
  • Brake system – braking system (ABS or EBS)
  • Transmission – Gearbox (Mechanical, Eurotronic, Astronic, Allison)
  • Retarder – Vehicle braking system without the use of the main brake system ( Disable \ ZF )
  • Effectivity – On. \ Off economy mode and OVERDRIVE mode)

EDC 7 (control unit):

  • Speed ​​Limiter – Speed ​​Limit Calibration
  • Cruise control – Cruise control (on / off)
  • Brake system – Brake system (ABS or EBS)

EDC 16 (control unit):

  • Speed ​​Limiter – Programming the speed limit
  • Cruise control – Cruise control (enable/disable)
  • Immobiliser – Immobilizer (enable \ disable)
  • Climate system – Climate control (enable \ disable)
  • KOM – Power take-offs (enable/disable)

Injector class – Calibration of injector types all depends on the type of engine (F1CE0481A 4-cylinder diesel, with integrated turbocharging (adaptive turbine geometry), liquid cooling and intercooler. 8140.43N – 4-cylinder water-cooled engine. Motor power 146 l .s./107 kW, engine displacement 2798 cc (2.8 liters).


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