Webasto Thermo Test diagnostic scanner




Webasto Thermo Test (with a full engineering menu) and EDiTH – a diagnostic program for Webasto and Eberspacher heaters. The program supports almost all heaters that have the ability to diagnose. In addition to reading and displaying information about the control unit, you can also access troubleshooting and startup functions.


Heater Information
Displaying a list of errors (in case of errors)
Clearing error memory
Overview of heater parameters and components
Graphs of the actual values ​​of the components
Performance overview of heaters
Component test
refill CO2 calibration
Measured value protocol
Create a summary
Visual control diagnostic line
Start DTR line program (pin 6)
eeprom entry


  • Thermo Top C, E, Handel, P, C/Z MB/DC
  • Thermo Top C/Z BMW
  • Thermo Top Audi
  • Thermo Top C/Z Fiat
  • Thermo Top PSA
  • Thermo Top Rover
  • Thermo Top (98)
  • Thermo 50 (67339A), (67339B), 90 (C)
  • Thermo 230/300/350 (E1), (E2), (SG1572)
  • AT2000/3500/5000
  • РХх-100/МХх-100
  • HW/W 46S, HW/W 80
  • W bus
  • …and others…


  • Airtronic M/L
  • B/D 1/3 C/P Compact
  • B/D 1/3/5LC, D8LC
  • D2L, D12V
  • D7W (D2H)
  • D9W, hydronic 10
  • Hydronic 10 M/MII, L/LII
  • Hydronic 16/24/30/35
  • Hydronic B/D 3/5 WZ
  • Hydronic B/D 4/5W SC/S
  • Hydronic II-H/F, II, II-C
  • …and others…


Connect the adapter to the PC.
Install drivers. Use the correct COM port.
Connect the 12 or 24 volt power supply using the red and black clamp.
Connect the yellow wire to the diagnostic wire in the car or use the plug (to measure parameters and read errors).
The switch serves to select the first or second contact on the 6-pin Webasto connector.

The second switch is used to select the diagnostic program. Blue LED for Webasto Thermo Test (WTT), red LED for EDiTH (auto-detect) and a delay to clear errors on older heaters.
Select the type of heater in the program.