Multibrand Scanner Scanmatic 2 PRO


Diagnostic scanner Scanmatic 2 PRO

A unique multi-brand scanner is needed for professional diagnostics of electronic systems of modern technology. Scans from your own laptop, phone or tablet, the software is installed on Windows and Android. If you install the driver, it is possible to work with third-party programs that support standards such as RP1210 and SAE J2534, as well as bootloaders, by supplying current, allowing programming on different contacts of the diagnostic connector.

The best price in Ukraine for Scanmatic 2 PRO

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Official representative of Scanmatic 2 PRO in Ukraine.

Scanmatic 2 PRO

For additional use of the AUX programming voltage output, you can purchase an OBD2 + Aux cable, or purchase everything you need at once, when you call, tell everything you need.

Additional program full version of Toyota Techstream.

Full set + you can buy an original bag 600 UAH.

Basic kit

Autoscanner Scanmatic SM2-PRO
OBD2 main cable for SM2 PRO
USB cable (1.8m)
Cigarette lighter power cable
CD with instructions and software.

Full set + you can buy the original bag 600 UAH.


Connection to the adapter is possible via Bluetooth or USB, all these interfaces are already built into the Scanmatic 2 PRO scanner.

The maximum set includes the latest software version (all modules that are currently available): ZAZ, Oka, GAZ, VAZ, UAZ, Daewoo, Ravon, BYD, Great Wall, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, KAMAZ, PAZ, Chevrolet, Chery, Geely, Lifan, Kia, Izh, MAZ, OBD2.

The program can be updated for Android (Android) and Windows (Windows).

Supports a large number of diagnostic programs and loaders produced under the RP1210 and SAE J2534 interface standard.

Technical characteristics of Scanmatic 2 PRO scanner (features)
Interfaces for connecting to a laptop via Bluetooth or USB;
Voltage from the on-board network or USB from 5 V to 36 V;
Voltage consumption is not more than 350 mA;
Implemented switching power supply of own production (does not heat up + wide input voltage range from 5 to 55V);
Protected against power failures thanks to (Load-Dump) (when the power is cut while the engine is running)
The following data is supported by Scanmatic 2 PRO:

1 * J1850VPW

Single Wire CAN-1

1 * J1850PWM

4* CAN

13 * ISO 9141/ISO 14230 (K-LINE)

A multiplexer has been introduced to transmit diagnostic lines;
Extensive support for J2534-1/2 standards;
supplies voltage to programming (5-24V) OBD 2 connectors: 6, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14;
Software voltage output via AUX (requires OBD2+Aux cable);
Adapter size – 97x75x22mm;
Weight no more than 1 kg. (as standard).

It is possible to download PDF files for free “Guidelines and rules of application”

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