Multibrand Scanner Fcar F7s-D


FCAR F7S-D is a diagnostic tablet installed on the Android operating system with a VCI module and various adapters for different equipment. The scanner makes it possible to make basic diagnostics and not only can do the necessary tests, but also dealer functions, including programming and coding. Made according to All-in-One templates – diagnostics, technical support and operation manual.

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The Fcar adapter has shown itself well in the “big seven” of European car manufacturers (MAN, IVECO, VOLVO, MERCEDES-BENZ, SCANIA, RENAULT, DAF), as well as in American vehicles, of course, Asian cars. The device can diagnose at the dealer level, for example, Cummins engines.

Unique Features:

  • Very convenient to update: updated via the Internet (online)
  • Access to internal information
  • There is technical support through TeamViewer by specialists, also by phone or instant messenger
  • The interface is Russified
  • Report and record of the work done
  • Large transport coverage, for cars from Asia, America and Europe.

Main functions:

  • Initialization and adaptation, after changing and cleaning system elements
  • Service procedures
  • Adaptation of transport for the owner
  • Programming and parameterization online from the dealer


  1. Special functions: cylinder shutdown, injector programming, active regeneration and DPF reset, parameter reset, oil change reset, service light reset and clutch adjustment.
  2. Extensive Vehicle Coverage: Support all kinds of diagnostics of diesel electronic control systems from Europe, America and Asia, and support various protocols such as Can-Bus standard high and low, J1587, J1939 and other communication protocols.
  3. Main functions: read/clear DTC, read data stream, read system information, check actions.
  4. Live Technical Support: Instant remote technical support via TeamViewer, Skype,
  5. WhatsApp, etc.
  6. Easy Feedback: one click feedback problem
  7. Easy Update: Update your software with just one click.
  8. Rich data bank: online technical information and wiring diagrams.
  9. Universal diagnostic system for car workshops.

Special function of F7S-D:

Cylinder shutdown, injector programming, active regeneration and DPF reset, parameter reset, oil change reset, maintenance light reset and clutch adjustment.

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