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Mercedes Star Diagnosis Compact 4 (MB Star C4) is a comprehensive diagnostic equipment for Mercedes-Benz, Smart, identical to products from an authorized dealer. It is suitable for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles (buses, trucks, Mercedes special vehicles).


The SD connect diagnostic autoscanner is a new part of the Mercedes Star Diagnosis Compact 4 diagnostic system. This scanner is a new step in the development of Mercedes brand scanning. The main difference from Star Diagnosis Compact 3 is that it makes it possible to diagnose a car not only via a USB cable or via a COM port, but also allows you to connect via Wi-Fi and via LAN connections directly to a PC.

Additional program Mercedes-Benz Fdok Calculator XS MP4 EURO6

The presence of a wireless connection in the Star Diagnosis connect multiplexer makes it possible to simplify your robot much more conveniently and faster. During diagnostics, you do not need to move your computer to different cars, just connect the interface, this will help if you have a large number of vehicles.

Benefits of Star Diagnostic Scanner

This scanner is used by the dealer and allows you to access and troubleshoot any system or control system of your Mercedes-Benz. Activate any sensor in the vehicle, perform a startup test, broadcast live sensor data, and read and clear trouble codes. If you have a shop that specializes in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, then this is what you need. Get it through official channels so you can do SCN encoding online. All MB SD control units are available, such as engine ECU, ABS, airbags, SRS, air conditioning, immobilizer, keyless entry and other 40+ control units used in MB vehicles. You can read/delete errors, real-time data, perform sensor triggering, read current configuration, initialize and more.

Star Diagnosis SD Connect works with the following systems:

All engine types (gasoline and diesel): LH1, LH2, V6, PMS, ME(1.0, 2.0, 2.1, 2.7, 2.8), ECM, EVE, ERE, HFM & CDI 1-3;
BAS and ESP modules;
TRS tire pressure control;
Electronics modules: LCP, UCP, OCP, PSE, DCM, ESA, OSB, SCM;
Acqusition, Acqusition and activation signals;
Remote transport access;
ASSYST toolbar
Service activation system;
Command module D2B & MOST (Navigation, changer, VCS, CD, telephone, TV);
suspension system;
Climate control system;
Authorization system;
Roll over, vario roof.


Reads and removes errors;
Real-time data feed;
Chip tuning;
Activation of additional keys;
System coding;
Programming and calibration;
Gives access to service parameters.

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