Dealer Scanner DAF VCI 560


The VCI560 is a powerful diagnostic tool that is used to diagnose DAF trucks. The VCI 560 automatically switches the input channel to the required line (K-line, L-line) or CAN bus.


The first and main diagnostic scanner for DAF vehicles. Basic programs: Davie Application 95.00, Davie Parts Rapido Subset 20.15, Davie XDc II Runtime 5.6.1 for DAP.

Dealer autoscanner DAF vci lite mux – is actually an interface that combines the control unit of transport and computer. The device can diagnose electronic control units, find faults, give access to the engineering menu and also programming.

Programs such systems as: climate control, engine, suspension, gearbox, brake system, dashboard and full control of vehicles.

The Davie Application software DAP works in two ways:

Direct testing method – scanning and removal of errors.

Guided diagnostics – performs work only when the blocks are damaged. For example, if it is necessary to confirm the failure of the block and cannot be identified.

DAF VCI 560 diagnostic adapter – functionality:

Search for problems, errors;
Gives detailed information about the operating status and electronic systems;
Scanning the block for complete information;
Even if it did not work out to find the problematic component, there will be work on the symptoms.


  • Scanner VCI Paccar;
  • USB Cable;
  • OBD Cable (Euro4, Euro5);
  • 16 pin Cable (Euro2, Euro3);

It is possible to buy additional software to expand the capabilities of a dealer device for DAF:

Devik is a unique program, it can remove ADblue, fix the engine power curve and it is possible to Russify the dashboard.

Rapido – spare parts catalog in digitized form

Developer tool – a program for creating service passwords for flashing new or old blocks.

PDF Can be downloaded for free.

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