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Iveco Easy Eltrac автосканер диагностический от дилера для грузовых автомобилей и автобусов ИВЕКО, даже техника на которой установлен двигатель итальянского производителя – IRISbus, Daewoo, TATA.


This Iveco Easy tool can diagnose the entire system at a professional level (dealer level) and it will give you a complete analysis of information about everything from settings to components.

Iveco EASY: the new diagnostic platform for car care
In order to identify any problems quickly and reliably, and to enable the workshop to resolve problems quickly, Iveco has created a new diagnostic platform that reflects the evolution of the product. It is called E.A.SY (Electronic Advanced System) and is a system that allows you to easily diagnose various electronic control units on a vehicle using a communication module (ECI) and a specific personal computer.

The E.A.SY platform software provides a single, intuitive interface through which you can view a repair manual organized by symptom.

The ECI module guarantees communication with all current and future Iveco control units. By interoperating with Teleservices and all other Iveco support components that the system can connect to immediately, E.A.SY is the heart of Iveco Advanced Diagnosis and represents the key to the workshop of the future.

With this service tool you can:

  • Do an active ECU diagnostic;
  • Perform parameter programming;
  • Carry out engine tests;
  • View electrical diagrams.

For advanced parameter programming, you can use the IVECO ALPHANUMERIC CODE CALCULATOR.


Activation (installation) occurs either through TeamViewer or live.

Communication takes place via USB cable or Bluetooth to your laptop.

Technical capabilities:

  • Decrypts and removes errors (faults);
  • Diagnoses mechanisms;
  • Firmware for control units (new and old);
  • Performs complete diagnostics
  • Adjusts the system;
  • Changes base indicators;
  • Works with ECU;
  • Scans sensors online.

Full set:

  • Easy Eltrac scanner (OEM 99327038);
  • 30 pin main cable (OEM 99327017);
  • USB cable (OEM 99327018);
  • 19 pin cable (OEM 99368555);
  • OBD cable (OEM 99331057);
  • Daily 38 pin Daily 38 pin (OEM 99331043);
  • Optional Bluetooth available
  • adapter for Easy Eltrac IVECO and software.

All necessary cables can be purchased separately.

Operating systems: Windows

You can download a free PDF file with instructions.

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