Limp Off VOLVO/Renault Euro 4/5/EEV



Plug and Play Solutions

Completely automated device. He himself will find the model of the engine and immediately begin to work.
Created for

FL, FM, FH, FE (until 2014) Midlum, Premium, Magnum, Kerax (until 2014)

NOx / Adblue emulator for Volvo / Renault Euro 4/5 / EEV <—2014

Suitable for:

All Volvo / Renault Euro 4/5 / EEV with engines 9-16 l (750 hp)
FH (400, 440, 480, 500 and up)
Renault DXi (430, 450, 520 and above)
Renault Magnum /
Buses Volvo Premium / Midlum
Suitable for vehicles with automatic and manual transmission.

This NOx / Adblue emulator will allow you to easily get to the place of repair even from Manchester to London or not to repair a complex and expensive neutralization system at all.

The payback period of a kit with a working SCR system is only 2 months (standard truck with a mileage of 500 km / day). And if we talk about repairs, then the cost of any sensor will exceed the cost of the kit.

Even the driver can install the module himself. To do this, you need to remove the standard connector from the NOx sensor and connect the module instead of the sensor. Remove the SCR fuse located in the battery compartment.

No need to cut anything!!! And this means that the car remains under warranty!
The module is just as easy to disassemble! And it can be used on another machine too!

The waterproof case and industrial components, as well as the quality factory assembly, are backed by a 1-year warranty.

Simulation of the following system components:

NOx sensor
DeNOx2 module
Adblue pump
Adblue pressure sensor
Catalyst temperature sensors
heating elements
Adblue tank sensor

Contents of delivery:

– NOx / Adblue emulator

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