Dealer program Renault-Volvo Optifuel Infomax


Optifuel Infomax is a performance learning tool that helps you collect, analyze and optimize your driving style. Together with the Optifuel Program, you get the most up-to-date version of Optifuel Infomax, which is compatible with all Renault Trucks vehicles (except light vehicles).


Infomax makes it very easy:

Manage fuel costs
Optimize the operating costs of your vehicle
Accurately track your vehicle’s fuel consumption by analyzing driving styles and their assigned mission
Compare fuel consumption between different vehicles or multiple route types
Understand driving mistakes, value good practices and build an action plan with your drivers
Verify proper vehicle use by monitoring and following the warning lights on the instrument panel
Increase the profitability and competitiveness of your business

Benefits for everyone

The CEO can now very quickly establish a lasting reduction in fuel costs and create a real fuel savings (and therefore CO2 reduction) dynamic

The in-house teacher / instructor / fuel manager, after a full and detailed on-the-job training and on company vehicles, can share his knowledge with drivers relying on the Optifuel Infomax software.

Drivers receive precise and direct practical training, which allows them to significantly improve driving comfort and reliability.

Works with Volvo Vocom and Volvo Vocom II scanners.


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