Dealer Scanner Scania VCI-3


SCANIA VCI 3 is a dealer professional diagnostic adapter to work on all Scania truck and truck systems.


SCANIA VCI 3 – this device allows you to work with equipment manufactured in 2004 and new ones, which allows you to process almost all types of vehicles operated in our country. For very old vehicles, we recommend Scania VCI 1.

The device is a hardware software package that consists of an adapter for diagnostics, connects to the transport connector and unique programs for installation on your laptop. This solution will allow you to connect to large monitors for more detailed analysis and large coverage of functions. SCANIA VCI 3 provides dealer-level diagnostics for all systems, and also allows you to take advantage of a huge number of different necessary operations.

SCANIA VCI3 Description:
Scania VCI3 is designed to support all Scania diagnostic systems based on the CAN network, it is an extremely fast yet very compact diagnostic tool.
One of the most interesting new features to be found in the Scania VCI3 is the wireless Wi-Fi connection (there is also a USB port for wired connection).
Now you can work without a wired connection to the truck, just forget about problems such as damaged data cables and other disadvantages of wired connections.
Tech Software support for Scania VCI3 was introduced in Scania SDP3 2.18, so if you want to use this tool you will need this SDP3 or later versions of this software.
The device is designed for a full cycle of trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles manufactured by SCANIA Corporation. The scanner works in conjunction with the SDP-3 software.
The adapter does not work with trucks and engines built before 2004.
The main feature of the VCI-3 is its operation through a high-speed WI-FI connection. The device also has a USB port.
SCANIA VCI 3 scanner difference:
Works with Scania vehicles since 2004;
Dealer functions for complete diagnostics and maintenance of equipment;
Supports all car systems;
Connection is via Wi-FI or via USB port;
The case is made of metal, which gives it good strength and IP67 protection class;
Supports the voltage of the on-board network from 7 V to 40 V.
VCI 3 adapter features:
Automatically identifies the connected vehicle;
Identifies installed control units;
Decodes and removes fault codes from the memory block;
Reads error codes of electronic control units;
Activates actuators;
Sets and resets service intervals;
Display data from the system and sensors in real time.
This scanner is compatible with Scania vehicles.

VCI 3 adapter software Programs can be purchased separately.

XCOM 2.26 Scania – a program for reading and improving the control data block;

SOPS editor Scania – software allows you to adjust a large number of functional parameters of the transport.

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