Volvo Vocom Dealer Scanner


The Vocom 88890300 autoscanner is perfect for diagnosing Renault and Volvo.


Volvo Vocom is needed for dealer diagnostics of special equipment and trucks. This scanner has a powerful “iron”, the device connects a fast connection with the control units of the equipment.

Russification of the program Premium Tech Tool 1.12 is included in the standard package. This tool is for professional diagnostics, calibration, programming, block adaptation.

Diagnostic adapter Volvo VOCOM 88890300 allows you to carry out diagnostics and programming of electronic control units of trucks Volvo VERSION2 (2002 and newer) at high speed. Volvo trucks 1998 and older are programmed at normal speed.

Premium Tech Tool (PTT) is a diagnostic software designed to test, calibrate and program vehicle parameters. Many functions in modern vehicles are performed by electronic control units (ECUs). The main purpose of PTT is to make it easier for technicians to diagnose and repair. PTT provides access to parameter programming, service information and diagnostics. The PTT design mode gives you more rights to access, diagnose and program parameters.

You can use the Developer Tool to program all possible parameters.

Works with the following systems:
Engine control system;
Checkpoint system;
braking system;
Braking system with thanks to the engine – Retarder;
Door control system;
Climate control system;
Airbag system;
Central computer system, etc.
Dealer scanner Vocom 88890300;
OBD cable (Euro 4, Euro 5) (Volvo, Renault DXi);
USB cable for connecting the device with a PC;
8 pin cable (Euro 2, Euro 3);
OBD-12 pin adapter (Euro 2, Euro 3) (Volvo, Renault DXi);
It is possible to install additional software:

Volvo Premium Tech Tool 2.05 is a program for diagnostics of Volvo buses and trucks, special vehicles Construction Volvo, Penta Volvo (industrial and marine engines), Mack Trucks, Renault, UD Trucks trucks. The software even applies to cars with EURO 6 and can be installed on your own laptop and computer.

Volvo Developer Tool – the program is needed to change functions and calibrate the ECU on vehicles of the Volvo, Renault, Mack, UD brands. Fits on PTT 2.05 Volvo.

Volvo Impact is a spare parts catalog for Volvo technicians, repair and maintenance instructions, fault code information and service tables.

Penta Vodia Volvo is a program for Volvo marine engines.

Volvo Prosis – spare parts catalog for Volvo, instructions for repair and maintenance of error codes, problems. Can be used on any Volvo vehicle.

Volvo Matris is a program for scanning vehicle systems. Allows you to analyze a specific point in time in the form of graphs and tables.

Volvo IS FILE EDITOR is a program for programming electronic control units.

Volvo PENTA PARTS CATALOG is a catalog of spare parts for boat engines.


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