LimpOff Daewoo Euro 4/5



LimpOff Daewoo Euro 4/5 Special version of emulators for Daewoo cars.

Designed for: Daewoo: Prima/NOVUS/Ultra NOVUS/TATA

Add-Blue Emulator is a professional garage equipment specially designed to safely disable the Add-Blue system in any heavy commercial vehicles (trucks, buses) such as: Daewoo. Garage equipment Add-Blue Emulator disables the Add-Blue system; Thus, cars stop using Add-Blue fluid. The operation of the Add-Blue Emulator does not affect the operation of the vehicle’s engine and, at the same time, there is no loss of power. In addition, the emulator is well integrated into the system, which leads to correct diagnostic results. Fault codes do not appear. The device can be quickly turned on or off.

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Euro 4, 5, 6



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