Dual Banana Japana Volvo FH/FM/FE(4) Euro 5



A special series of 2CAN emulator Banana Japana without an indicator of the mode of operation. Correctly configured system regeneration work. The advantage to this is a reduction in fuel consumption by 3-5%.

Used in

Renault VOLVO
series T, K, C, D Euro5 series FH, FL, FM 4 Euro5

The highest quality of the components used

Each device after receipt to the customer passes quality control and tests.

The NOx emulator replaces completely damaged 2 NOx sensors in the car (before the catalytic converter and behind the catalytic converter) – the rest of the AdBlue system continues to work normally

Insert the emulator instead of the original plate into the NOX sensor.

Advantages of the NOx emulator:

No need to replace expensive NOx sensors
The NOx emulator only replaces the NOx sensors – the rest of the AdBlue system continues to function normally. Only the values ​​of a healthy NOx sensor are programmed in the AdBlue emulator.
Vehicle does not go into power limit mode due to a failed nitric oxide sensor
Without constant intervention in the car’s electronics
After installing the emulator, the SCR system can be fully diagnosed using the diagnostic tester.

All Volvo CE vehicles with SCR system

All Renaults with Euro 6 engines
C range
Range D (all engines 7, 9, 11 liters)

Warranty 1 year.

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Euro 4, 5, 6

Stamps AdBlue