LimpOff DAF 106 EAS4 Euro 6



LimpOff module DAF 106 EAS4 Euro 6
Specially developed emulator for DAF 106 EAS4 Euro 6 vehicles.

Created for:
DAF: XF/CF 106 EAS4 F7 Euro 6

Compatible with:
DAF XF106 <—2017 with neutralization control unit EAS4.;
Suitable for vehicles with automatic and manual transmission.;

Replaces the following system components:

NOx sensors;

EAS4 module;

Adblue pump;

Air and urea pressure sensors;

Diesel particulate filter (DPF) and catalyst temperature sensors;

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) differential pressure sensor;

heating elements;

Adblue tank sensor;

Numbers FW, SW, HW, VIN;


emulator kit EAS3 DAF 106 NOx / Adblue;

The highest quality of the components used

This EAS4 NOx / Adblue emulator kit will allow you to easily get to the repair site even from Manchester to London, or not repair a complex and expensive neutralization system at all.

The payback period for a kit with a working EAS4 system is only 2 months (standard truck with a mileage of 500 km / day). And if we talk about repairs, then the cost of any sensor will exceed the cost of the kit.

The module must be installed by a specialist according to the installation instructions.

After installing the module, the driver, if necessary, can independently switch to the original neutralization system. To do this, simply replace the exhaust gas aftertreatment fuses with the ignition switched off.

Each device after receipt to the customer passes quality control and tests.

After the purchase, we provide customers with assembly instructions, and our technicians are available by phone in case of any problems.

If you are looking for a model that is not listed here or in any other listing in this store, please contact us directly at 0956790000 with your model number. Let’s check for compatibility.

We provide a 1 year WARRANTY.

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