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Urea emulator (adblue) from the Russian manufacturer ProUnit, serves to disable the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system, which reduces the emission of NOX (nitrogen monoxides) in diesel engines in trucks, special. technology, buses and commercial vehicles.

Urea tricks (adblue) get rid of common SCR or DPF (diesel particulate filter) errors, as well as switching to engine emergency mode (LIMP) which reduces engine power by 40%.

ProUnit’s emulators fully mimic a working SCR system. After collecting data on temperature, engine operating modes, torque, it sends a signal to the ECU that corresponds to the working SCR system.

The main functions of Adblue ProUnit urea emulator:
it is possible to operate the car even with a faulty SCR system
does not interfere with the operation of the regeneration system
operation of the vehicle without loss of power
lack of errors and warnings on the dashboard
savings on urea refills
reduced fuel consumption
Can be installed on vehicles with a retractor

Emulator AdBlue Mercedes AutoPass/BananaJapana Mercedes MP4/5 Euro 5/6

The device is made of high quality components and manufactured in EUROPE.
Each device is tested and quality controlled before being sent to the customer.
The device is compatible with both manual and automatic transmission vehicles.

The most important features:

Emulation of the entire AdbBlue system (ACM including DPF)
Unique on-off function by tripping one fuse (no extra wiring required)
All you need to mount it is to connect four wires.
Fully waterproof
Very small device
Made from industrial components

Emulated components of the AdBlue system:

Pump with pressure sensor
Downstream NOx sensor
Inlet NOx sensor
Combined temperature sensor
Differential pressure sensor DPF
AdBlue level and temperature sensor

BENEFITS of using ADBLUE emulator:

The AdBlue emulator is a device designed to override control of the original onboard SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system. Such a device, installed on compatible vehicles, takes control of the entire SCR system, simulating its function. During installation, it keeps the SCR system inactive and at the same time sends the necessary data to the central engine control unit.
There are no errors in the OBD (on-board diagnostics) system because the AdBlue emulator stimulates all parameters and data.
No loss of engine power, no increased emissions from the exhaust system, no DTC errors. Diesel engine exhaust fluid is not consumed.
The device is easy to install and remove at any time when it is necessary or convenient. Does not interfere with the operation of the vehicle’s electronic system.

The device is attached to cables.

The kit includes:

Emulator AutoPass/BananaJapana Mercedes MP4/5 Euro 5/6


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