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AutoPass / BananaJapana Scania 6 series NTG Euro 6

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Scania 6 gen. NTG: R/P/T/G/K Series Euro 6

Scania NTG AdBlue (SCR) removal kit

Scania NTG adblue removal emulator (New Truck Generation); This is an Adblue removal kit that provides solutions for errors such as adblue warning, adblue failure, power loss by canceling car Adblue. Disabling the adblue system in the car removes the adblue faults caused by the SCR system in the car. This allows your car to reach its previous torque again. You can continue working where you left off.

Scania Next Generation adblue removal emulator is affordable and easy to install. Offers you economical solutions.

Scania NTG AdBlue emulators disable the following systems;

AdBlue System (Complete)
NOX sensor in AdBlue
DPF system
DPF temperature sensors
DPF regeneration

Benefits of AdBlue NTG Scania removal;

You no longer need adblue fuel.
This prevents Adblue from failing in your car.
You will no longer receive an adblue error message.
This solves the speed limit problem.
This prevents loss of power in the engine.
Eliminates serious diesel fuel problems.
DPF prevents and solves temperature or occlusion problems.
It resolves and prevents hydrocarbon quantity errors.
Prevents and solves differential pressure sensor malfunctions.

Almost all Scania vehicles produced with modern technology use the adblue system.

However, the constantly malfunctioning Adblue system makes vehicles difficult to use. Developed for Scania NTG vehicles

Scania NTG adblue emulators we are easy to connect to car and troubleshoot adblue.

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