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Allows you to save money on the maintenance and repair of NOx, SCR systems and their components. Needed to disable SCR + nitric oxide NOx sensor simulation!

Detailed, step-by-step, with photo installation instructions.


Simulation of the operation of the NOx sensor;

Can be installed on a broken SCR system, works with a faulty or disabled SCR system!

· After installing this emulator, absolutely all components of the SCR urea injection system can be removed from the car;

· Saving money – no financial costs for refueling AdBlue liquid;

· Does not require additional skills and knowledge when using;

Easy installation (4 wires);

The emulator’s performance is not disturbed after disconnecting/enabling the battery short circuits;

· Versatile. It is possible to reprogram and reinstall on a vehicle of another brand;

Waterproof, protected case;

· Directly from the manufacturer. Best Price Guarantee!

· Warranty – 2 years!

Works with the following types of equipment:

DAF. Trucks and buses with PACCAR engines;

IVECO. Trucks Daily, EuroCargo, Stralis, Trakker;

FORD. Cargo trucks (including those with IVECO engine);

MAN. Trucks TGS, TGX;

MAN. Lion’s city buses;

Neoplan buses with MAN engine;

RENAULT. Trucks MIDLUM, KERAX, PREMIUM, MAGNUM (until 2014) except for EURO 6 (we will offer another emulator for Euro 6);

· SCANIA trucks and buses (including 2014 onwards);

VOLVO everything except FH4/FM4 (for Euro 6 we will offer another emulator).

AdBlue is used as a working fluid in the aftertreatment systems of diesel engines, which is equipped with all modern engines. Allows them to comply with Euro-4, Euro-5, Euro-6 standards.

Repair and maintenance of the SCR system is very expensive. In addition, AdBlue fluid freezes at -11 degrees Celsius, is toxic, and causes chemical burns if it comes into contact with the skin. When the AdBlue tank is heated, ammonia vapors are formed, which, when inhaled, irritate the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes. According to the manufacturer’s technology, if this liquid gets on the electrical wiring when refueling AdBlue, it does not matter what kind of wire it is, it must be cut off immediately, because. urea propagates at a speed of 40 cm per hour in a copper wire. AdBlue liquid is easily counterfeited, high-quality liquid can not be purchased in all regions. As a result of using counterfeit products, the AdBlue SCR system is out of order.

Russia has the Euro-2 standard, so the use of this system is not necessary.

Repair of a faulty NOx sensor can cost from 30,000 rubles, SCR systems – from 50,000 rubles, and the cost of the AdBlue V3 emulator is several times lower.

The Adblue emulator allows you to save money on the maintenance and repair of NOx, SCR systems and their components, avoid financial costs for refueling AdBlue liquid, transporting the car to the service station in the event of a breakdown of the SCR system, car downtime at the service station due to a breakdown of the SCR system. Eliminates problems when a loaded car cannot drive uphill due to lack of AdBlue fluid in the tank or any breakdown of the SCR system.

It is important to know that when using the emulator, the amount of emissions into the atmosphere increases.

The AdBlue V3 emulator is an improved version of the previous generation of V2 emulators. The main difference is the ability to install on a faulty SCR system and simulate the operation of a NOx sensor. The AdBlue emulator transmits data via the CAN bus that indicates the correct operation of the SCR + NOx system.

Eliminates the problem when a loaded car cannot drive uphill, as the engine power suddenly drops to 60%, the speed does not rise above 1600 rpm. and fuel consumption rises by 1.5-2 times due to the lack of AdBlue liquid in the tank or any breakdown of the SCR system.

Allows you to bypass the electronics of the SCR system without disturbing the functions of other electronic units and systems. Thanks to the operation of the SCR emulator, the car stops using catalytic fluid (urea).

The SCR emulator is very easy to use. Installation is carried out in minutes. Does not require special skills and knowledge

After installing the SCR emulator, there will be no problems with diagnostic system errors, engine power losses, side effects of the engine, gearbox and other systems.

This emulator allows you to disable the SCR system on the most popular trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles that comply with EURO 4 and in some cases EURO 5 standards.

SCR Emulator is suitable for a wide range of truck models. It can be easily transferred to another truck by reprogramming it using a personal computer. To do this, just connect the emulator to a personal computer via a USB connector, download the necessary program to the emulator, and install it on any of the supported cars.


· AdBlue emulation;

· NOx sensor emulation.

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