Emulator Adblue MERCEDES MP4 EURO 6



CAN urea cut-off module on Mercedes MP4 (EURO6).

This emulator allows you to exclude the ACM unit and all components related to the catalyst (DPF, NOx …) from operation.

Diagnostic equipment is required for operation. When working with a faulty machine, not all errors can be removed in a standard way. For example, “zone 5 particulate filter” limits both power and speed and is not erased without passing those
hundred (or procedures for resetting the particulate filter). To work, you need a mercedes dealer scanner and an Fdoc calculator.

The CAN module is installed on the CAN4 star in the cabin.

AdBlue EURO 6 NOx emulator for Mercedes-Benz MP4 EURO 6 trucks is only compatible with the MP4 EURO 6 truck series. This emulator will not work with EURO 5 vehicles or vehicles from other manufacturers. This installation guide describes all the steps required to properly install the AdBlue emulator device on compatible Mercedes-Benz MP4 EURO 6 vehicles. We strongly recommend that you remove all DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) from the OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) system. The best option is to use an original Mercedes-Benz diagnostic scanner. If you notice new OBD DTCs after installation, please check the system again with a diagnostic scanner.

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