Software Disable AdBlue Euro 5, 6



Software disable Adblue diagnostics

Disabling the Adblue system is the most difficult operation in our work. The Adblue scheme of operation is a technological innovation in the automotive industry, which appeared in addition to the main system of the Diesel Particulate Filter. The Adblue system is designed to maximize recycling and minimize emissions. This system reduces exhaust toxicity to a minimum level, however, due to the nature of this system, it is at the same time extremely unreliable and expensive.

Operating principle

The power module sucks the AdBlue from the tank with a diaphragm pump and compresses it to a certain pressure, which is necessary to atomize the AdBlue with a nozzle installed inside the exhaust system in front of the converter. The control program itself, programmed from the factory according to a specific program, sprays the required amount of AdBlue urea. This whole bunch: The fuel pump and the heated Adblue fluid in the cold season fail for various reasons. Subsequent repairs are extremely costly and tend to recur.

Control over the urea injection process, as well as the operation of the entire on-board diagnostics, is carried out using a special control unit or a software module in the engine control unit. Depending on several input signals (e.g. NOx quantity, engine load), the control unit accurately calculates the required amount of Adblue urea injection and converts them into a signal. The system has a closed control loop.

AdBlue freezes at temperatures below -11 ° C. Thus, the system may freeze when the engine is turned off. To protect against damage to the AdBlue urea injection system at low temperatures, it is necessary to warm up the system before starting the engine. Urea injection only starts when the system has thawed.