Russification of the MAN dashboard



Existing foreign language dashboard:
makes it difficult to use them.
does not allow you to quickly respond to system messages that appear;
needs constant service at the service station.

Our team of specialists provides a list of services for the repair and restoration of cars, and is also able to Russify the dashboard.

The list of repairs carried out by our employees of the MAN TGA and the flashing of the existing on-board computer will provide the ability to effectively display information in Russian. Thus, allow it to be used for its intended purpose without any difficulties for the owners.

Available Russification of the MAN on-board computer

We guarantee to get the proper level of result, which will not be reset after a reboot of individual electronic control units or after service. It is known that authorized dealerships may charge a significant amount of money in contrast to our rates. Since we allow you to save a lot, getting the desired result. And if you are interested in fast, inexpensive and reliable Russification of the on-board computer, then you have come to the right place. Since our specialists are ready to perform a number of activities without forcing you to overpay for the brand. Thus, receiving high-quality services with a guarantee from professionals in their field.