Disable NOX sensor on DAF EURO 6



The NOx sensor (Nox) is used to detect nitrogen oxides in exhaust gases. NOx is the collective name for nitrogen oxides NO and NO2, which appear under the influence of high pressure and temperature during the combustion of the fuel mixture in the engine. Another name for the sensor is a nitrogen oxide sensor or a lean mixture sensor.

Our company is engaged in programmatic disabling of AdBlue or, in other words, disabling the NOX sensor. If your AdBlue sensor is broken, then the best solution is to disable the NOX sensors. Instead of repairing the costly AdBlue system, it’s worth disabling the NOX sensors.

Pros of disabling NOX sensors:
Not expensive compared to system repair
Allows you to travel abroad without fear of fines

We disable NOX sensors with a DAF VCI 560 dealer tool and an official dealer program.

We have been dealing with AdBlue shutdown and NOX sensor shutdown for over 5 years.