Software shutdown of AdBlue urea (SCR systems) on cars, buses and Euro 6 engines



Software shutdown of AdBlue liquid on DAF

Disabling AdBlue is a good option that will save the nervous system and the future, besides, it will give you the opportunity to feel the budget savings from unnecessary costs, from the purchase of AdBlue urea and service or repair of the SCR system.

Ukr-truck can programmatically disable urea on the following DAF models: XF 105, XF 106, CF 65, CF 85, LF 55, LF 45, LF and CF Euro 6, also Cummins and Paccar engines.

The removal of AdBlue liquid on Euro-6 trucks is turned off using an emulator or a software shutdown through processing the calibration of the engine control unit with the calibration order, as from the manufacturer. After the work done, the vehicle will think that everything is in order with AdBlue and NOx, the engine will not reduce speed and increase fuel consumption.

The good side of removing the ADBLUE system program

After turning off the system, you will not need to keep it in working condition, regularly buy liquid that costs a lot of money. It must be remembered without fail that turning off the AdBlue system is a recoverable procedure, which means that if you need to return it to the same form that it was, it can be done very simply. This may be necessary, for example, before entering the territory of Europe, where strict measures are being taken to combat violations of the environmental standard.

System removal of ADBLUE on Ukr-truck

Our company provides an extended range of services for the removal of catalyst neutralization systems on any type of DAF vehicle. Programmatic shutdown of AdBlue in Ukraine must be combined with mechanical services for the removal of elements for transferring liquid and resetting the necessary counters. This method makes it possible to avoid errors that could appear in the control unit. To improve the software for disabling the AdBlue system, our employees work only with the best and licensed software, which is why we have a guarantee.