AutoPass/BananaJapana LimpOff Daewoo Euro 4/5



AutoPass/BananaJapana Daewoo Euro 4/5 Special version of emulators for Daewoo cars.

Designed to completely override the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system and stop Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) consumption.

Designed for: Daewoo: Prima/NOVUS/Ultra NOVUS/TATA


Improved circuitry;
Upgraded software;
Low power improvements;
Full simulation of the SCR system;
Imitation of the NOx sensor;
Auto Power Off function;
Working with a diagnostic scanner;


The emulator is filled with a special composition that evenly removes heat and prevents oxidation and corrosion.

The power line and cans are separated into different parts of the board, which helps to reduce interference during data transmission over the channel line.
The emulator is made only from high-quality components and manufactured on high-tech equipment, which gives a reclamation percentage close to 0%.
Each emulator undergoes 3 quality control tests during the build process.
Reduced overall dimensions and weight make it easy to place the emulator anywhere in a truck, as well as save transportation costs.
Possibility of installation on a non-working SCR system.
An additional self-resetting fuse is installed on the board in the power circuit, which allows, in the event of power surges, to protect the board from failure of the car’s on-board network.
Does not interfere with other electronic systems.
Does not increase exhaust smoke or fuel consumption.
Convenient and easy to install. Easy to remove if needed.
This saves you money by stopping DEF consumption.
No loss of engine power or sluggish operation.
Double tension force.
Overload protection.

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