DAF intarder repair, software shutdown Intarder (retard) ZF EST-52 (42)



Savings and safety are the main priorities in the transportation of goods. Complex and varied topography, heavy traffic, cost and time constraints allow drivers and vehicles to perform to their limits. In this context, not only the engine plays a key role, but also the braking system.

The transmission-integrated intarder (retard) is a modern answer to these challenges: it provides wear-resistant, fade-free braking, reduces the load on service brakes by up to 90 percent, and thus reduces maintenance costs and reduces brake dust emissions. This makes the Intarder the best choice – not only for long hauls, but wherever heavy loads need to be moved safely and economically.

For safe braking
The brake system of the truck must be at least as powerful as the engine. The retarder integrated into the transmission reduces the load on the service brakes by up to 90 percent.

How to find out that the Intarder (retard) is not working properly?

There may be such signs of a breakdown of the retarder in case of failures in the system:

Intarder error code is displayed
Retarder does not work
Downhill speed support not working
The cooling liquid heats up
Reduced braking torque
Intarder (retard) starts to slow down when the gas pedal is pressed
What could be the causes of the malfunction?

Problems when a malfunction occurs even when the DAF retarder does not work are as follows:

Speed ​​sensor defect
CAN bus failure (open or short circuit)
Malfunction of temperature sensors
Low liquid level for cooling
Cooling fan failure
Wiring fault
Defective control unit EST-52 (42)
What can you do yourself in such a situation?

When the liquid for cooling is heated, at the beginning it is necessary to check whether the level is sufficient.

Check electrical connectors for condition.
Even if an external check gave the result that satisfies you, for further clarification of the reason, of course, it is better to have the check and repair done by specialists.

What can we offer?
Software shutdown of the intarder (retard) using a dealer device.