Software shutdown of the retarder (intarder)



Disabling the DAF retard

Any malfunction of your truck directly means downtime and, as a rule, an expensive service. In this article, we will help you understand the causes of incorrect operation of retarders and establish how they can be avoided.


The following are signs that can be set when failures occur in this system:

Retarder not working
Intarder error code displayed
The coolant is heating
Does not maintain downhill speed
Intarder slows down when gas pedal is depressed
Low braking torque
Causes of the malfunction

Causes that precede the appearance of the indicated symptoms of a malfunction when the DAF retard does not function:

Faulty speed sensor
Faulty temperature sensors
Faulty cooling fan
Low coolant level
Faulty CAN bus (open or short circuit)
Faulty control unit EST-52
Faulty wiring
What steps can you take on your own?
Check coolant level. If the level is low, the tank should be topped up to the required mark.
Inspect electrical wiring. If installed visually. there is no possibility of damage, and the retarder continues to operate in emergency mode, then special equipment is indispensable.