AutoPass/BananaJapana NISSAN GE/GW Euro 5 after 2013




AutoPass/BananaJapana NISSAN GE/GW Euro 5 after 2013 Special version of emulators for NISSAN GE/GW cars.

Designed for: NISSAN: NISSAN GE/GW

AdBlue emulator to deactivate AdBlue truck systems and simulate the correct operation of this system. This SCR emulator works on the principle of deactivating the vehicle’s original AdBlue system and then transmitting identical values ​​to the vehicle’s bus by this emulator. AdBlue is not injected into the exhaust system, but the vehicle’s control units are in good condition. There are no errors on the dashboard, the car will also pass the emissions test!

The emulator is very easy to install/

The payback period of the kit with a working ACM system is only 2 months (standard truck with a mileage of 500 km / day). And if we talk about repairs, then the cost of any sensor will exceed the cost of the kit.

Even the driver can install this emulator himself. To do this, you need to remove the standard connector from the ACM module located in the frame and put it on the module.

No need to cut anything!!! And this means that the car remains under warranty!
The module is just as easy to disassemble! And it can be used on another machine too!

The waterproof case and industrial components, as well as the quality factory assembly, are backed by a 1-year warranty.

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