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The MAN T200 diagnostic scanner is designed for diagnostics and coding of MAN industrial vehicles. Supports trucks and other industrial vehicles manufactured after 2001.


MAN CATS T200 is a dealer autoscanner for Man equipment, designed for diagnosing, parameterizing and programming trucks, industrial and commercial purposes, MAN equipment manufactured after 2001. It came to replace its predecessor MAN CATS 2, since 2010 the program only supports the T200 interface. The robot comes with MAN Cats 3 dealer software and MAN Edit and MAN Immo programmers. This device is original. Everything you need for the components is on the board. The MAN Cats 3 and MAN CATS 2 software is available for purchase.

The MAN T200 autoscanner works via Wi-Fi and via USB, which makes it possible to work very conveniently and comfortably anywhere. Thanks to the Developer Tool software, the scanner will work at the dealer level, and you will earn money or save on services.

Full set:
• Diagnostic adapter MAN T200 (MAN CATS 3);
• Diagnostic cable OBD2;
• Diagnostic cable 12 pin;

Functionality of MAN CATS T200:

  • Control unit identification
  • Scanning, decryption, removal of errors
  • Actuator test
  • Reading data from sensors (graphically and digitized)
  • Guided troubleshooting (step-by-step instructions with instructions for troubleshooting)
  • Monitoring the state in technical terms and the robot of service functions
  • Parameterization, programming and modification of control units
  • Supported electronic systems:
  • EBS (Emergency Brake System)
  • EDC (Electronic Engine Control)
  • ESAC (air suspension control)
  • Retarder (Retarder)
  • Gearbox (Gearbox)
  • Air-conditioning systems (air conditioning systems)
  • Central computer (central PC)
  • Instrument cluster (dashboard)
  • Door module (door module)
  • Airbags (airbags)
  • And other

MAN CATS II T200 ECU support:

  • Electronic braking systems (EBS).
  • Air suspension with electronic control (ECAS).
  • Engine regulation (EDC).
  • Moderator.
  • Transmission.
  • Air conditioning systems.
  • Central computer.
  • Control and measuring devices.
  • door module.
  • Air bag.
  • And much more.

Top 4 reasons to buy MAN CATS T200:

1. This is a special dealer-level diagnostic tool for MAN trucks.

2. It supports both diagnostics and offline programming.

3. One year warranty.

4. Multi-language support: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Greek, Croatian, Turkish, Polish, Romanian.

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