LimpOff Scania Euro 4/5



LimpOff Scania Euro 4/5 emergency module
Allows the car to exit the power, speed limit mode and remove errors.

Designed for:

NOx / Adblue emulator for emergency shutdown of urea for Scania Euro 4/5

Designed for: SCANIA: R / P / T / G / K – engine Scania DC Euro 4/5
Suitable for cars with automatic and manual transmission.

Replaces the following system components:
NOx sensor;
EEC module;
Adblue pump;
Catalyst temperature sensors;
Thermal elements;
Adblue tank sensor;

– NOx / Adblue emulator

This NOx / Adblue emulator will allow you to easily get to the place of repair even from Manchester to London or not repair a complex and expensive neutralization system at all.

Payback period of the kit with a working SCR system is only 2 months (standard truck with a mileage of 500 km / day). And if we talk about repairs, the cost of any sensor will exceed the cost of the kit.

Even the driver can install the module himself. To do this, disconnect the standard C430 connector located on the Adblue tank and connect the module.

No need to cut anything !!! This means that the car remains under warranty!
The module is just as easy to understand! And it can also be used on another car!

The waterproof case and industrial components, and also high-quality factory assembly are guaranteed for 1 year.

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